Clipper Miller Studio Baltimore MD
Artist Statement


Over the years my work has moved grandually in the direction of elegance and simplicity. Heavy, bulbous forms have been replaced by dancing, wing-like forms. The welding process and respect for the qualities of the material are interrelated and affect the final piece. Recently, I have moved from cold rolled steel to Silicon Bronze and a whole new day as dawned.

The art of Fabricated Metal Sculptures


 Most of the sculptures that are pictured in my portfolio are made from steel, silicon bronze, and or Cor-Ten steel; shaped to create these beautiful and unique pieces of art. As you can see my Sculptures range in sizes anywhere from 12 in. to 30 ft. or larger. 


 My signature color is Corvette red now known as Ferguson Red unless using the natural look of the Cor-Ten steel or silicon bronze. I have also been known to use other colors at client request.